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  • Dec
  • 2017

Why animation videos are perfect for marketing communications


The Internet is a giant platform with Trillions of bytes of data. It is, therefore, quite a challenge to keep a potential client/customer hooked onto the marketing material you want him to go through. Statistics suggest that 90% of data conveyed to the brain is through the visual path. Stats aside, a ‘books vs. movie’ debate with your friends will convince you that most people prefer visuals, compared to text. Accordingly, a marketing agency, creating animation video in Bangalore, a city known to be on the digital forefront, has a lot to gain.

In the Internet, content is king. Traditional text-based communication, even though as informative as an animated video, is time-consuming and not as entertaining. A lot of potential clients are more likely to watch a video rather than go through the text. It is much easier to explain a concept through a well-made animation video. Animation is interesting, it is bound to hold the interest of the viewer. Textual content can be difficult to comprehend at times and there is a chance that the reader will quit midway.

Consider making a live video against making an animation video in Bangalore. Live video requires a lot more resources like actors, script, video production and editing. In the case of animated videos, all you need is a great software /tool and rich content.

India continues to get a healthy foreign investment. A marketing agency is therefore expected to connect and communicate with the global populace. In case of a traditional live video, the actors, their language and accent might not connect with a global audience. Inversely if you are making an animation video in Bangalore, these barriers can be easily broken as animation is accepted and enjoyed worldwide.

Finally, we all agree that the internet is a source of entertainment and we mostly access it for fun. As a marketing professional why not help your clients mix business with pleasure? Surveys say that attention span of customers online is between 30 seconds to a minute. So make sure you keep it short and sweet.